Oprah Winfrey: The Secret of My Success

Oprah Winfrey discusses the qualities that made her a top-rated talk show host. She spoke at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

The best advice from her to young people is “Relax” take care of yourself and discover your truest, highest self-expression in you. It’s important to work and live awaken and self-consciousnesses. I watched her talk and it change my life and how I look into myself. If her words could change me, I believe it could change you as well. Sometimes, we try to chase everything, put everything in you and forget to relax and love yourself.

Live with spirituality. The power of self-believe, confident, and compassion is beyond your imagination. And remember, every decision you make is not a mistake but it is about asking yourself “What’s the next right move?” Nothing is regret, one opportunity lost, there’ll be a new coming. Give yourself a space and ready to be great. Our life is bigger than anything. So we have to honoured and love our ownself.


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