5 Best Sites for learning Photography



Flickr is the best website for photographer to learn how to take and manipulate photography skill. To be a great photographer is nothing but looking and learning from other photographs, get creative and connect to your sources.



Unsplash provided many great and high resolution image for blogging. You can download for free and learn from their community. It’s contained of million photographs and image styles. Besides, you can join and log in as a member and submit your photos as well.



The website provides you with many image for free. The sites even create a categories for you to select and look at. You either can download and submit your work as simultaneously. The photo are in high quality and cool!!

Foodie Feed


Wow, the website offered tons of pictures for views. It’s contained all the subject and object selective related to foods. For those who want to learn technique how to take food photography is a best place for you.

National Geographic Instagram


This site even more interesting. The pictures are diverse and mixed up of all kind of photography style, humor, sad, human, portrait, landscape, etc. You can select one source you like, download (Computer only). But first, you have to register free account on instagram. And the best advice follow all the National Geographic photographers and other photo society.


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