Making Modern Love.

Don’t get wrong with the title. That’s what love mean and what to be in love in 21st Century.  And because it is revolutionizing the way of finding love, building love and losing love.

Finding Love

The idea of Making Modern Love is refers to the love in the internet era. The social media and online dating set people to find love and now it even closer to the traditional matchmaking– arrange marriage.

Million of people across the world getting married via online app. But I think, it much better than before cos you can find someone that have something in common. Oh, never forget long-distance relationship. A fragile and unhealthy ever. Remember you first blind date, perhaps good or a recall worst memory of your lifetimes.


Image Cr. Unsplash

Building Love

Aside from that, have you ever notice the rise of viral proposal video is having a long-term impacts on our relationship today? Those video goes viral on social media like a wildfire. People from all around the world keep sharing and hastages such as #RelationshipGoal or etc. And you know what? they trying to compete for the best proposal story.

Likewise, few of my friends are talking about how interesting of the celebrity video proposal story. For example, Football superstar magically proposes to girlfriend in front of fans and the answer is Yes. Millions people views and share that video worldwide. Resulted from many celebs proposal, people nowadays come up with specific idea and unique story that worth sharing online.


Image Cr. Unsplash

Losing Love

Equally important, the impacts of social media on relationship is huge. Its contents became the space for people to complaints about romantic or yes romantic break ups. We actually need a social media break-up coordinator. Because the memories we made together on social media may pop up after we break-up or divorces. Aww man, it was so bad. One real and funny story, I randomly scroll-up-down and like my ex- post. God I almost killed myself, how embarrassed it was. Creep.

However, one thing that modern love surprised us. After a break ups, you thought you will never fall in love again. But you did. Because social media filtered us.

You may be used to getting asked: “You’re amazing… why are you still single?” You’re smart, independent, intelligent, have a lot of friends and even great at anything. There’s just one problem. And perhaps you asked yourself, why Am I single? while my friends are in relationship. You even suffered from loneliness after seeing romantic posts online. Some people even start to find a partner or dating someone even they’re not ready to be in love. It’s obvious reduce our self-love and self-esteem. One post said: in the world there’ 7 billion people but I am still single. That’s so powerful.


Image Cr. Unsplash

So, what does love mean to you? And how to find love in a hopeless place? And once you find, how to nurture all relationships, not just a romantic one?


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