9 Powerful Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd.

How can we be recognize in a crowd world? If you imagine how smart and successful people stand out in their professional and expertise, it’d sound great but exhausting.

1 . Good Public Speaking

Public speaking is a social proof that give people a reason to listen to you. Especially in a workplace, a busy person usually keep their energy healthy if they want to contact someone, one question will be asked “If this person credible? Thus, public speaking is critical. You must have the ability to convince people to make sure your idea  is taken seriously and heard in a large group. Besides, you should know how to branding yourself in a smart way. Align yourself with great people and a vibrant bio.

2. Take initiative

In essence, content creation is the key point to evaluate the quality of your idea. Especially when you share the idea, better come up with preparation and creative content. This step lead you to clarify your thought to advocate your initiative project with senior leader, and therefore make you look sharp and smart. Make yourself expert in many people’s eyes.

3. Networking


This skill is hard to learn but will provide you a long-term benefit. Your network is a resource to spread your idea publicly. You can access to diverse group and get some thoughtful insights or relevant feedbacks. And it is really important to connect with people that work in-and-out of your field/industry. Throughout social and network branding, you will do all possible way to ensure your idea are taking seriously and your talent is widely recognize.

4. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

In 21st century, talents and experiences is not the thing that employer looking for. People that know how to connect and manage their emotion is the best in a fast-growing and up-level market environment. It is significant to make yourself competent and capable. In short, you grow well-disciplined, good listening and self-consciousness.

5. Be a Fast-Learner

Creative thinking is important to be stand out and unbeatable. You must be a rapid learner and be able to response stuff that need to be done. You act on feedback and give your promises.

6. Inspired Others

Human consume emotions than anything else. Successful people are those who share ideas, credits and well supports to the team. Remain positive and hopes can inspire healthy working environment and boost productivity. Be approachable and approach people. Don’t forget to smile. I don’t smile more often cos it make me feel weak.

7. Have a Purpose and Passion

Doing thing with passion and purpose can make you more productive and sharp. You walk ahead of everyone by knowing yourself and what you wanted to become.

8. Self-Confident matter


You will say “I’m awesome”. Sometimes, it easy to be stand out: (1) self-confident and highly motivated; (2) be friendly and kind. I’m sure these techniques will make you stand out of the rest without trying hard. Easy huh? Actually no meaning to introvert or socially awkward aliens.

9. Stay Relax

Having a good postures and mature attitudes is immensely useful. It help you to maintain self-care, love and mental strengths. Perhaps take 15 minutes a day to do yoga or mediation to calm down yourself. By doing this, you will never sway by other people.

So stay focus and enjoy eating frogs everyday. Stay Smart and Sharp!


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