Do These 6 Things to Stay Motivated While Everyone Else Is on Vacation.

It’s hard to stay motivated during holiday season. Your feeling to leave school or workplace is greater than ever. Especially seeing your friends posting breathtaking photos, videos and funny activities on social media.

Then how can you stay motivated at work or school or home? These are the things to do to stay motivated:

1. Treat Yourself

Try something difference. Cooking or doing exercise to remove stress and bored. You really have many alternative options– either sleep or eat. Make yourself special during that period like a queen or prince. Or looking at old pictures to reminds something years past.

2. Tidy Up

Don’t laugh, you will finally enjoy doing it. Clean up your room and rearrange your old stuffs possibly help you to discovery something oldie and funny. Perhaps make you easy to find needed items later on. Clean things that you never get a chance to do for years.

3. Surfing Online Movies

Whatever, never forget to schedule fun activities. Getting new movies or old movies based on your moods. I tried comedy and action film. So good. I laughed so hard and enjoy my self-discovery. This is always my best thing to do.

4. Remove Distraction

If social media distract you from concentration at work or school. Leave it alone and start schedule your time. Remember, not to get dehydrated. Keep your energy and spirit up. Do what make you feel focus. Make yourself formal, if you’re at work: wear businesslike and prepare “To-do-list”.

5. Take A Tour

Just a short tour outside can make you feel better. If you are at work, set 15 minutes break, walk away and come back. Think it as a self- rewards. You can start earlier and leave work earlier. The science says that it is a good way to defuses yourself from unproductive behavior.

6. Plan A Vacation

If you haven’t got a chance to enjoy your holiday, what stopping you from planning another week-off holiday so that you can forget about work and unwind your stress. Plan ahead and make it big. This will make you excited and motivated to go through all the hard time.


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