Living in the PAST: 3 Powerful Ways to Get Over A Breakup.

Conquering Break Ups is tough but curable. After a huge heartbreaks, we really need a renovation. If you want to get heal, growth and move forwards do these things.

1 . Cut off all contact


First of all, you need to accept the empty feeling. Accept the end of relationship step by step. Give yourself sometimes to get over. Spending time alone and do self-reflection. You really can cry and hurt. Do it all, cry like you mean it. Allow yourself to embrace the grief cos breakup is just like a death, a death of relationship. But after you get enough, discover your new perspective and expectation. Write down your feeling in a journals; list all reasons why you breakup. Do what make you feel your feelings. Express them all (eg. sad, hurt, anxious, angry, betrayal, etc).

2. Avoid Negative Self-Talk


Challenge your negative thought with rural honesty. Know that “it will get better”. Most people during post breakup, suffering from thinking “they will be forever alone and will never be fall in love again.” Despite the fact, you should open up yourself to the future and never look back again. You breakup now is a good time, if not now it will occur in the future. And when you love someone doesn’t mean you meant to be together. Forget it and move forward.

At this stage, you need a social support circle. Your friend and family is the best source. Likewise, you may need to talk to people who specialize in breakup. Meet some inspirational speakers, learn how to recover when the worst happens. “lean in to the suck”. Replace your disappointment, frustration and anger by gratitude for the lesson you have learned–something that will never make you dumped again.

3. Redesign your Passion and Life Goal


Define your value and self-worth. Realize who you wanted to become and what you want to achieve. Find yourself again after lost. Now it is a fresh start to do the right move.

Just so you know that: your relationship may ended but your life is not fail because of that. You deserve a true love and a better life. You will find someone better than your ex. Eat well and workout more often to get rid of negativity. It’s even more important to stay around with positive people. Make new friends and have fun. Life is bigger than that. Get excited with new opportunity that awaiting for you to experience. Travel to new place and get some emotional music to heal your soul. Cheer.


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