5 Effective And Practical Ways To Stop PROCRASTINATION.

When in workload, we don’t feel like doing anything. Instead we try to get away by trying some short miscellaneous to defuse our anxious feelings. You know procrastinating become the biggest problem in education today. Procrastinating can affects our mental, physical health and daily productivity. Procrastination is noting but a way of avoid doing something unpleasant to us , despite we know the cost and consequence.

When we procrastinate, we try to improve our mood by a short-term pleasure to forget the problem, therefore it is obviously not only a time management issue but also a failure to control our emotions. Procrastination happened to those who prone to perfectionism and afraid of failure. It is most common for young people. However, what can we do about procrastination? Is there any hope for pro-procrastination?

1 . Control Over Negative Thought

Using mindfulness to control your negative thought and calm yourself down. Although we don’t feel like doing anything but through self-assertiveness, it could push you to think how important of the task and start doing it. The most important step is “Do it Now”. According to the psychological tricks, when we start doing the task, see the progress, we will feel better.


Image Cr.Unsplash

2. Break down Your Task into Small Pieces

When we breakdown the tasks into a little steps, we don’t feel too overwhelming and start doing it.When the workload not too much you will feel simple and thinking it easy to getting thing done on time. Besides, build on a good daily habits you already have. Writing New Year Resolution may help you as well. Especially, writing your goal down and priority tasks. Start to-do-list and look at them everyday. Start your day with eating frogs.

3. DO SELF-REFLECTION: Why you do what you are doing?

Procrastination may resulted from lacking of direction in life. We don’t know the important or meaningful of the task we’re doing, moreover leads to boring and burden. Instead, you should think why your task is important, why your have to do it? What are the consequence if you can’t achieve those tasks? By changing environment, you should ask yourself this question, how would be great if you complete those task? Perhaps you could make your dream come true. By thinking about the long-term benefits– ahead of future-self will improve your motivation and courage in completing task and stop procrastinating.

4. Time Management


Image Cr. Unsplash

Time management skills still important and should be taught every school ans workplace. But the most important step is to learn to manage our emotions, it will help us in any circumstances. Better off to create a detail timeline for a specific deadline. Hang out with people that can inspired you to take action or seek for feedback from someone that already achieve the desire outcome.

5. Setting Up your Life-Goal

Re-clarify your goal and vision. Tell other people about your goal and align yourself with goal-oriented and self-consciousness. It is important to learn about our truest-selves and what we wanted to become. Recognize our weaknesses and strengths can help us to achieve task easier. Ask some clue questions that could lead or connect to the work. For example, what are the real thing I want to achieve? How can I get there? What utmost efforts I have to prepare? What are the steps consider to succeed? Never waiting for the perfect time to do the task. The best time is now. Do It Now or Never.


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