AQUARIUS SIGN: Personality & Fortune

The personality of Aquarius Zodiac Sign is eternally young and enthusiastic. People born under this sign gifted a natural imagination and creativity. Aquarius Motto “Today I will Find Stillness Within”.


The Aquarian is the leader of all zodiac sign. This sign is the smartest among zodiac signs in term of analytical intelligence, where the perception intelligence goes to Scorpio. Aquarius never grow old in mind and heart. Their driven energy and passion lead to charismatic and success in life. They always a courageous risk-taker. People inspired by their enthusiastic and intriguing optimistic. At the best, Aquarian are youthful, energetic and charismatic. They born with original thought, multi-talented which can make them flourish at any career they choose. They have a unique style that make them stand out from the crowd.

Dark Side

However, their greatest challenge knowing when to stop. Know how to stop pressing on themselves and learn to take life seriously. Less is always better for them. Don’t seek overindulgence and adventure, it may leads them to major trouble. Also, this sign are immature, impatient, unpredictable and and reckless. They need to learn to calm down and control their life. Try mediation or yoga once per day. Learn to cook properly to maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Do more exercise and take sometimes to plan your goal ahead, check on changes to make sure your life go right. Also, Aquarian are lazy, so make sure to take action at the pin point.



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Fortunately, after the age of thirty-two they will grow mature and know how to focus and lead a healthy life. Their destiny is to motivate other people with their enthusiastic and relentless energy. If Aquarian could find the stillness within, they will glorious. You intuitive and luck-making are depend on your still mind and self-discipline. The lucky color are red, lilac and crimson (Business Attire). The lucky number are 2 & 9 especially happen simultaneously as the lucky day: Tuesday and Saturday. The gift card are Moon which represent the Imagination. The Chinese sign is born under Tiger and birth-date ruler is the “Warrior”. The birthstone is Amethyst. and zodiac Sing Symbol is Water Carrier.

Life and Career

Due to its energetic and natural born as a independent thinker, the best career for Aquarian are: Business, writing, journalism, public relations, music, artist, leisure industry, and world of entertainment. They are great humanitarian.


For relationship, Aquarius seem to indecision. They should ease relationship step by step and confidently talk fact about your personality to prevent bored from your partner. Since Aquarius is emotionless and detached, this characteristic may harm to your relationship, so better care more and learn to nurture the love. The best compatibility zodiac sing for Aquarius are Gemini, Aries, and those born under March 21 to April 21. Those born as mentioned date can tender and refreshing your forever union. The enemies are those born under December, they try to bring bad luck to you and better avoid them.


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