6 Best Things Solo Travel Can Teaches You.

Traveling make you life better and more interesting. It teaches you to see the difference aspect of life. Especially, it has been proven to be an excellence way for everyone regardless of conditions.

1 . You Become More Independent

You learn how to be lonely. You’re in charge of your own life and direction. In daily life we live and enjoy with family, friends, and colleagues who we can trust and depends on. But when travel solo, your purely self will have to decide who to trust and how to lead your own life based on your gut. Giving the fact, when you travel alone, you’re not alone. You will find many unforgettable people and memories. You’ll know the world is mostly good and enjoy new way of relationship. Of course, you learn to make friends and talk to strangers.

2. You Learn more about Life

Solo travel help you to growth mature. It can leads you to new people and new activities that could inspired you or even entirely change your life-direction. Nowadays, travel has proved to be excellence in building network and self-discovery. You can hear your inner whispers through self-reflection or self-talk. And because disconnect yourself from your comfort zone make you realized something meaningful in life. That’s Freedom.

3. You Experience New Things

You have to try to learn new culture and language. That’s the most fun part of solo traveling. You enjoy new cuisine and foods that totally not exist in your environment. Especially, you fall in love with people. Believe it? Most people are cool and amazing. You gonna love it, love the unfinished conversation you have with them. All of these make you learn how to travel and enjoy difference way of life. Meanwhile, you learn to be patient and realize that there’s nowhere like sweet home.


Image Cr. Unsplash

4. You’re Free from Judgement

You may think, solo travel is awkward. But there’s no mistake once you decided to make it. You know what? embarrassment won’t make you die. We are all the same. You start to appreciate the differences and value of things/person. You won’t perceive one-single story anymore. Through this lesson learn, travel can develop your confident and broaden your mind. You dare to accept the trust and your imperfection.

5. Travel Teaches You to Overcoming Your Fear

Perhaps you used to think, I want to travel but I never have a courage. That’s because of your fear. You fear to meet bad people or worst thin may happen to you. But after you experience a solo travel, you cultivate a “Can-Do” attitude. You know nothing is worth than not to try something new. You start to push yourself beyond your limitation and accept all the consequence you may face.

6. Travel Teaches You to Ask For Helps and Expressing Gratitude


Image Cr. Unsplash

Enjoying accompany yourself alone make your grow fonder. You prone to be more authentic and be able to lead a healthy and better life. You can reflect on life better and learn to forgive, forget and express gratitude to those who helping you in difficult circumstances. Equally important, you know when to seek for helps and how to convince people to do what you want. It’s a part of building your charismatic and leadership.


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