6 Best Things Solo Travel Can Teaches You.

Traveling make you life better and more interesting. It teaches you to see the difference aspect of life. Especially, it has been proven to be an excellence way for everyone regardless of conditions.

1 . You Become More Independent

You learn how to be lonely. You’re in charge of your own life and direction. In daily life we live and enjoy with family, friends, and colleagues who we can trust and depends on. But when travel solo, your purely self will have to decide who to trust and how to lead your own life based on your gut. Giving the fact, when you travel alone, you’re not alone. You will find many unforgettable people and memories. You’ll know the world is mostly good and enjoy new way of relationship. Of course, you learn to make friends and talk to strangers.

2. You Learn more about Life

Solo travel help you to growth mature. It can leads you to new people and new activities that could inspired you or even entirely change your life-direction. Nowadays, travel has proved to be excellence in building network and self-discovery. You can hear your inner whispers through self-reflection or self-talk. And because disconnect yourself from your comfort zone make you realized something meaningful in life. That’s Freedom.

3. You Experience New Things

You have to try to learn new culture and language. That’s the most fun part of solo traveling. You enjoy new cuisine and foods that totally not exist in your environment. Especially, you fall in love with people. Believe it? Most people are cool and amazing. You gonna love it, love the unfinished conversation you have with them. All of these make you learn how to travel and enjoy difference way of life. Meanwhile, you learn to be patient and realize that there’s nowhere like sweet home.


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4. You’re Free from Judgement

You may think, solo travel is awkward. But there’s no mistake once you decided to make it. You know what? embarrassment won’t make you die. We are all the same. You start to appreciate the differences and value of things/person. You won’t perceive one-single story anymore. Through this lesson learn, travel can develop your confident and broaden your mind. You dare to accept the trust and your imperfection.

5. Travel Teaches You to Overcoming Your Fear

Perhaps you used to think, I want to travel but I never have a courage. That’s because of your fear. You fear to meet bad people or worst thin may happen to you. But after you experience a solo travel, you cultivate a “Can-Do” attitude. You know nothing is worth than not to try something new. You start to push yourself beyond your limitation and accept all the consequence you may face.

6. Travel Teaches You to Ask For Helps and Expressing Gratitude


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Enjoying accompany yourself alone make your grow fonder. You prone to be more authentic and be able to lead a healthy and better life. You can reflect on life better and learn to forgive, forget and express gratitude to those who helping you in difficult circumstances. Equally important, you know when to seek for helps and how to convince people to do what you want. It’s a part of building your charismatic and leadership.

5 Effective And Practical Ways To Stop PROCRASTINATION.

When in workload, we don’t feel like doing anything. Instead we try to get away by trying some short miscellaneous to defuse our anxious feelings. You know procrastinating become the biggest problem in education today. Procrastinating can affects our mental, physical health and daily productivity. Procrastination is noting but a way of avoid doing something unpleasant to us , despite we know the cost and consequence.

When we procrastinate, we try to improve our mood by a short-term pleasure to forget the problem, therefore it is obviously not only a time management issue but also a failure to control our emotions. Procrastination happened to those who prone to perfectionism and afraid of failure. It is most common for young people. However, what can we do about procrastination? Is there any hope for pro-procrastination?

1 . Control Over Negative Thought

Using mindfulness to control your negative thought and calm yourself down. Although we don’t feel like doing anything but through self-assertiveness, it could push you to think how important of the task and start doing it. The most important step is “Do it Now”. According to the psychological tricks, when we start doing the task, see the progress, we will feel better.


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2. Break down Your Task into Small Pieces

When we breakdown the tasks into a little steps, we don’t feel too overwhelming and start doing it.When the workload not too much you will feel simple and thinking it easy to getting thing done on time. Besides, build on a good daily habits you already have. Writing New Year Resolution may help you as well. Especially, writing your goal down and priority tasks. Start to-do-list and look at them everyday. Start your day with eating frogs.

3. DO SELF-REFLECTION: Why you do what you are doing?

Procrastination may resulted from lacking of direction in life. We don’t know the important or meaningful of the task we’re doing, moreover leads to boring and burden. Instead, you should think why your task is important, why your have to do it? What are the consequence if you can’t achieve those tasks? By changing environment, you should ask yourself this question, how would be great if you complete those task? Perhaps you could make your dream come true. By thinking about the long-term benefits– ahead of future-self will improve your motivation and courage in completing task and stop procrastinating.

4. Time Management


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Time management skills still important and should be taught every school ans workplace. But the most important step is to learn to manage our emotions, it will help us in any circumstances. Better off to create a detail timeline for a specific deadline. Hang out with people that can inspired you to take action or seek for feedback from someone that already achieve the desire outcome.

5. Setting Up your Life-Goal

Re-clarify your goal and vision. Tell other people about your goal and align yourself with goal-oriented and self-consciousness. It is important to learn about our truest-selves and what we wanted to become. Recognize our weaknesses and strengths can help us to achieve task easier. Ask some clue questions that could lead or connect to the work. For example, what are the real thing I want to achieve? How can I get there? What utmost efforts I have to prepare? What are the steps consider to succeed? Never waiting for the perfect time to do the task. The best time is now. Do It Now or Never.

AQUARIUS SIGN: Personality & Fortune

The personality of Aquarius Zodiac Sign is eternally young and enthusiastic. People born under this sign gifted a natural imagination and creativity. Aquarius Motto “Today I will Find Stillness Within”.


The Aquarian is the leader of all zodiac sign. This sign is the smartest among zodiac signs in term of analytical intelligence, where the perception intelligence goes to Scorpio. Aquarius never grow old in mind and heart. Their driven energy and passion lead to charismatic and success in life. They always a courageous risk-taker. People inspired by their enthusiastic and intriguing optimistic. At the best, Aquarian are youthful, energetic and charismatic. They born with original thought, multi-talented which can make them flourish at any career they choose. They have a unique style that make them stand out from the crowd.

Dark Side

However, their greatest challenge knowing when to stop. Know how to stop pressing on themselves and learn to take life seriously. Less is always better for them. Don’t seek overindulgence and adventure, it may leads them to major trouble. Also, this sign are immature, impatient, unpredictable and and reckless. They need to learn to calm down and control their life. Try mediation or yoga once per day. Learn to cook properly to maintain a good diet and healthy lifestyle. Do more exercise and take sometimes to plan your goal ahead, check on changes to make sure your life go right. Also, Aquarian are lazy, so make sure to take action at the pin point.



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Fortunately, after the age of thirty-two they will grow mature and know how to focus and lead a healthy life. Their destiny is to motivate other people with their enthusiastic and relentless energy. If Aquarian could find the stillness within, they will glorious. You intuitive and luck-making are depend on your still mind and self-discipline. The lucky color are red, lilac and crimson (Business Attire). The lucky number are 2 & 9 especially happen simultaneously as the lucky day: Tuesday and Saturday. The gift card are Moon which represent the Imagination. The Chinese sign is born under Tiger and birth-date ruler is the “Warrior”. The birthstone is Amethyst. and zodiac Sing Symbol is Water Carrier.

Life and Career

Due to its energetic and natural born as a independent thinker, the best career for Aquarian are: Business, writing, journalism, public relations, music, artist, leisure industry, and world of entertainment. They are great humanitarian.


For relationship, Aquarius seem to indecision. They should ease relationship step by step and confidently talk fact about your personality to prevent bored from your partner. Since Aquarius is emotionless and detached, this characteristic may harm to your relationship, so better care more and learn to nurture the love. The best compatibility zodiac sing for Aquarius are Gemini, Aries, and those born under March 21 to April 21. Those born as mentioned date can tender and refreshing your forever union. The enemies are those born under December, they try to bring bad luck to you and better avoid them.

Living in the PAST: 3 Powerful Ways to Get Over A Breakup.

Conquering Break Ups is tough but curable. After a huge heartbreaks, we really need a renovation. If you want to get heal, growth and move forwards do these things.

1 . Cut off all contact


First of all, you need to accept the empty feeling. Accept the end of relationship step by step. Give yourself sometimes to get over. Spending time alone and do self-reflection. You really can cry and hurt. Do it all, cry like you mean it. Allow yourself to embrace the grief cos breakup is just like a death, a death of relationship. But after you get enough, discover your new perspective and expectation. Write down your feeling in a journals; list all reasons why you breakup. Do what make you feel your feelings. Express them all (eg. sad, hurt, anxious, angry, betrayal, etc).

2. Avoid Negative Self-Talk


Challenge your negative thought with rural honesty. Know that “it will get better”. Most people during post breakup, suffering from thinking “they will be forever alone and will never be fall in love again.” Despite the fact, you should open up yourself to the future and never look back again. You breakup now is a good time, if not now it will occur in the future. And when you love someone doesn’t mean you meant to be together. Forget it and move forward.

At this stage, you need a social support circle. Your friend and family is the best source. Likewise, you may need to talk to people who specialize in breakup. Meet some inspirational speakers, learn how to recover when the worst happens. “lean in to the suck”. Replace your disappointment, frustration and anger by gratitude for the lesson you have learned–something that will never make you dumped again.

3. Redesign your Passion and Life Goal


Define your value and self-worth. Realize who you wanted to become and what you want to achieve. Find yourself again after lost. Now it is a fresh start to do the right move.

Just so you know that: your relationship may ended but your life is not fail because of that. You deserve a true love and a better life. You will find someone better than your ex. Eat well and workout more often to get rid of negativity. It’s even more important to stay around with positive people. Make new friends and have fun. Life is bigger than that. Get excited with new opportunity that awaiting for you to experience. Travel to new place and get some emotional music to heal your soul. Cheer.

Do These 6 Things to Stay Motivated While Everyone Else Is on Vacation.

It’s hard to stay motivated during holiday season. Your feeling to leave school or workplace is greater than ever. Especially seeing your friends posting breathtaking photos, videos and funny activities on social media.

Then how can you stay motivated at work or school or home? These are the things to do to stay motivated:

1. Treat Yourself

Try something difference. Cooking or doing exercise to remove stress and bored. You really have many alternative options– either sleep or eat. Make yourself special during that period like a queen or prince. Or looking at old pictures to reminds something years past.

2. Tidy Up

Don’t laugh, you will finally enjoy doing it. Clean up your room and rearrange your old stuffs possibly help you to discovery something oldie and funny. Perhaps make you easy to find needed items later on. Clean things that you never get a chance to do for years.

3. Surfing Online Movies

Whatever, never forget to schedule fun activities. Getting new movies or old movies based on your moods. I tried comedy and action film. So good. I laughed so hard and enjoy my self-discovery. This is always my best thing to do.

4. Remove Distraction

If social media distract you from concentration at work or school. Leave it alone and start schedule your time. Remember, not to get dehydrated. Keep your energy and spirit up. Do what make you feel focus. Make yourself formal, if you’re at work: wear businesslike and prepare “To-do-list”.

5. Take A Tour

Just a short tour outside can make you feel better. If you are at work, set 15 minutes break, walk away and come back. Think it as a self- rewards. You can start earlier and leave work earlier. The science says that it is a good way to defuses yourself from unproductive behavior.

6. Plan A Vacation

If you haven’t got a chance to enjoy your holiday, what stopping you from planning another week-off holiday so that you can forget about work and unwind your stress. Plan ahead and make it big. This will make you excited and motivated to go through all the hard time.

9 Powerful Ways To Stand Out From The Crowd.

How can we be recognize in a crowd world? If you imagine how smart and successful people stand out in their professional and expertise, it’d sound great but exhausting.

1 . Good Public Speaking

Public speaking is a social proof that give people a reason to listen to you. Especially in a workplace, a busy person usually keep their energy healthy if they want to contact someone, one question will be asked “If this person credible? Thus, public speaking is critical. You must have the ability to convince people to make sure your idea¬† is taken seriously and heard in a large group. Besides, you should know how to branding yourself in a smart way. Align yourself with great people and a vibrant bio.

2. Take initiative

In essence, content creation is the key point to evaluate the quality of your idea. Especially when you share the idea, better come up with preparation and creative content. This step lead you to clarify your thought to advocate your initiative project with senior leader, and therefore make you look sharp and smart. Make yourself expert in many people’s eyes.

3. Networking


This skill is hard to learn but will provide you a long-term benefit. Your network is a resource to spread your idea publicly. You can access to diverse group and get some thoughtful insights or relevant feedbacks. And it is really important to connect with people that work in-and-out of your field/industry. Throughout social and network branding, you will do all possible way to ensure your idea are taking seriously and your talent is widely recognize.

4. Cultivate Emotional Intelligence

In 21st century, talents and experiences is not the thing that employer looking for. People that know how to connect and manage their emotion is the best in a fast-growing and up-level market environment. It is significant to make yourself competent and capable. In short, you grow well-disciplined, good listening and self-consciousness.

5. Be a Fast-Learner

Creative thinking is important to be stand out and unbeatable. You must be a rapid learner and be able to response stuff that need to be done. You act on feedback and give your promises.

6. Inspired Others

Human consume emotions than anything else. Successful people are those who share ideas, credits and well supports to the team. Remain positive and hopes can inspire healthy working environment and boost productivity. Be approachable and approach people. Don’t forget to smile. I don’t smile more often cos it make me feel weak.

7. Have a Purpose and Passion

Doing thing with passion and purpose can make you more productive and sharp. You walk ahead of everyone by knowing yourself and what you wanted to become.

8. Self-Confident matter


You will say “I’m awesome”. Sometimes, it easy to be stand out: (1) self-confident and highly motivated; (2) be friendly and kind. I’m sure these techniques will make you stand out of the rest without trying hard. Easy huh? Actually no meaning to introvert or socially awkward aliens.

9. Stay Relax

Having a good postures and mature attitudes is immensely useful. It help you to maintain self-care, love and mental strengths. Perhaps take 15 minutes a day to do yoga or mediation to calm down yourself. By doing this, you will never sway by other people.

So stay focus and enjoy eating frogs everyday. Stay Smart and Sharp!

Making Modern Love.

Don’t get wrong with the title. That’s what love mean and what to be in love in 21st Century.¬† And because it is revolutionizing the way of finding love, building love and losing love.

Finding Love

The idea of Making Modern Love is refers to the love in the internet era. The social media and online dating set people to find love and now it even closer to the traditional matchmaking– arrange marriage.

Million of people across the world getting married via online app. But I think, it much better than before cos you can find someone that have something in common. Oh, never forget long-distance relationship. A fragile and unhealthy ever. Remember you first blind date, perhaps good or a recall worst memory of your lifetimes.


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Building Love

Aside from that, have you ever notice the rise of viral proposal video is having a long-term impacts on our relationship today? Those video goes viral on social media like a wildfire. People from all around the world keep sharing and hastages such as #RelationshipGoal or etc. And you know what? they trying to compete for the best proposal story.

Likewise, few of my friends are talking about how interesting of the celebrity video proposal story. For example, Football superstar magically proposes to girlfriend in front of fans and the answer is Yes. Millions people views and share that video worldwide. Resulted from many celebs proposal, people nowadays come up with specific idea and unique story that worth sharing online.


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Losing Love

Equally important, the impacts of social media on relationship is huge. Its contents became the space for people to complaints about romantic or yes romantic break ups. We actually need a social media break-up coordinator. Because the memories we made together on social media may pop up after we break-up or divorces. Aww man, it was so bad. One real and funny story, I randomly scroll-up-down and like my ex- post. God I almost killed myself, how embarrassed it was. Creep.

However, one thing that modern love surprised us. After a break ups, you thought you will never fall in love again. But you did. Because social media filtered us.

You may be used to getting asked: “You’re amazing… why are you still single?” You’re smart, independent, intelligent, have a lot of friends and even great at anything. There’s just one problem. And perhaps you asked yourself, why Am I single? while my friends are in relationship. You even suffered from loneliness after seeing romantic posts online. Some people even start to find a partner or dating someone even they’re not ready to be in love. It’s obvious reduce our self-love and self-esteem. One post said: in the world there’ 7 billion people but I am still single. That’s so powerful.


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So, what does love mean to you? And how to find love in a hopeless place? And once you find, how to nurture all relationships, not just a romantic one?